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POUTY - “Saint Mary of the Moods” Tape


Image of POUTY - “Saint Mary of the Moods” Tape

"Saint Mary of the Moods”, indicates the rise of a new persona representing the development of Gagliardi’s intuitive side: softer. more receptive, and heavily in tune with the cycles of the moon. Accompanying the recordings (and set to the songs themselves) is a hazy, Mojave desert kaleidoscope of 35mm goodness, shot by LA-based photographer Emily Alben. This short 'visual album' allows listeners to get a beautiful look into Rachel’s own intimate world.

Written while living (and while traveling) between both coasts and citing heavy inspiration by the works of PJ Harvey, 70s spiritual cult lifestyle, and the battling of anxiety attacks; the album is still reminiscent of Gagliardi’s previous work (Coven is a nod to the season of American Horror Story) all the while showing a new maturity. With songs that describe personal growth, the struggle of self-care, and new beginnings, this sophomore EP is an personal and honest look into Gagliardi’s current headspace.

The first 22 tapes will feature a Pouty tarot card designed by Faye Orlove (http://www.fayeorlove.com/)