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Sixteen Jackies - “Movie Was Bad / Mascula” Double EP 12”

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Image of Sixteen Jackies - “Movie Was Bad / Mascula” Double EP 12”

SIXTEEN JACKIES have been lurking in the basement of Philadelphia since early 2016 building a sound that while often nostalgic, defies easy categorization. By setting the intimate details of singer Jody DeMarco's singularly queer experience against a soundscape which takes cues from the atmosphere of classic horror films, they've produced a unique set of torch songs for misfits and weirdos of all kinds. With their first EP "Movie Was Bad," they unveiled an offbeat pop sensibility which draws to mind both the manic spirit of the Talking Heads and the aching balladry of Roy Orbison. Their second project "Mascula" takes a much darker turn both sonically and lyrically, exploring the concept of American masculinity and the layers of violence that lie under its surface. The two EPs are now available together as either side of a 12" record.